When the value of broadband is unquestioned, the question becomes how to ensure that broadband delivers value.

For providers of all sizes, delivering optimal broadband experiences requires close attention to every point in their infrastructure. Providers need visibility into emerging and active trouble spots throughout the network, potential issues in the last mile, and even conditions on the subscriber’s own home or office Wi-Fi network.

As broadband has become the lifeblood of communications and entertainment, the subscriber satisfaction bar has been raised. Whether customers are residential or commercial, urban or rural, wealthy or struggling the need is the same – uninterrupted access that performs at peak levels at all times.

At OpenVault, we’re unlocking the potential of broadband at a pivotal time in the industry’s history. Provisioned speeds and total usage are rising in lockstep as services are upgraded to take full advantage of broadband’s ability to connect us with one another and the world. The percentage of subscribers taking gigabit speeds more than doubled in 2022, to 26%, and monthly usage is odds-on to surpass 600 GB per subscriber this year.

Contributing to the rapid growth has been the ability of the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program to open the door to broadband usage to underserved communities. While the surge in consumption by ACP participants is unquestionably good for America, ACP subscribers’ significantly higher median usage – 34% higher than that of all subscribers – requires monitoring to guard against network impairments.

At OpenVault, we leverage powerful usage data insights and innovative solutions to give you the visibility you need into how your network is performing. Our cloud-based products for broadband providers – honed over more than a dozen years in the industry – are unparalleled in their ability to help our customers in six key areas: network management; monitoring and optimization; remote care; revenue generation; customer engagement; and subscriber analytics. No one is better at improving broadband value and performance.

In the months ahead, we’ll be at the Mid-America Cable Show (MACTA) April 18-19 in Omaha, the BCAP Pennsylvania Broadband Summit April 26-27 in Lancaster, and ANGA COM May 23-25 in Cologne, Germany. Visit us to learn how we can help your broadband deliver the value your subscribers expect.