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Learn more about how OpenVault solutions can help you keep up and stay ahead of broadband usage demands while increasing revenue and improving subscriber satisfaction!

OpenVault has supercharged the power it delivers to operators. We’re smarter, faster and bigger than ever before with end-to-end network visibility and actionable solutions. We’re a market-leading source of broadband technology solutions and data-driven insights into worldwide broadband consumption patterns. As a global solutions provider focused on optimizing networks and driving revenue for cable, fiber and broadband operators, OpenVault’s cloud-based, SaaS actionable broadband analytics and optimization solutions are easily deployed, cost effective and quick-to-use.

Broadband Tracker – Capturing Industry Analytics

As a trusted source, OpenVault has deep expertise and a key leadership role in broadband industry analytics to aggregate and analyze the resulting market data to provide unparalleled granular views of consumer usage that can be used to anticipate residential and business broadband trends during historic events such as COVID-19 and beyond. For near real time broadband consumption levels visit OpenVault’s Broadband Tracker below.

Openvault broadband tracker

OVBI 4Q 2022

Three years after the pandemic forever altered home broadband usage, demand for higher speeds and bandwidth continues to rise and is estimated to reach 1TB by 2028. To accommodate this growth, proper network planning is essential. Download the 4Q22 OpenVault Broadband Insights report now for key industry data and the impact on networks, operator revenue and subscriber satisfaction.

Watch the on-demand webinar and take a closer look at the latest findings and critical implications.  


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OpenVault is a tried and trusted partner, providing our customers with the best tools available to compete in their marketplace.

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