U.S. Patent No. 11,477.072 describes “System and Method for Prescriptive Diagnostics and Optimization of Client Networks” 

Jersey City, NJ; March 7, 2023 OpenVault, a market-leading source of revenue and network optimization solutions and data-driven actionable broadband industry analytics, today announced that it recently was awarded a patent for techniques that can help broadband operators diagnose and automatically remediate issues in subscriber Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks.

U.S. Patent No. 11,477.072, “System and Method for Prescriptive Diagnostics and Optimization of Client Networks,” provides capabilities that give operators a full view of the elements that contribute to the consumer experience – including subscriber networks, connected devices, customer premises equipment, access networks, and services – to enable proactive operational optimization. 

The patent describes automated services that can view the health of subscribers’ networks via Technical Report 069 (TR-069) protocol and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) data, analyze the devices using the subscriber modem, and display current conditions of multiple levels of the subscriber network on a connected diagnostics dashboard. 

“With the proliferation of connected devices in subscriber networks, every device represents a potential point that can impact subscriber broadband experience,” said Tony Costa, CTO of OpenVault.   “While those networks often are set up using third-party devices configured by the subscribers themselves, it is often the broadband provider that receives the trouble call. This patent enables operators to understand and proactively correct many of those issues – increasing subscriber satisfaction, NPS, and revenue while reducing customer care and field tech expenses.”

The systems and methods in the patent are service provider and vendor-agnostic and allow for remote management, diagnosis, and configuration of subscriber devices. The system can be non-intrusive and executed from a cloud computing environment to allow access to millions of devices.

The systems and methods within the patent enable set up and configuration of subscriber hardware based on operator-defined policies for specific devices, profiles, and service classes; it also includes a dashboard that can provide network visibility, subscriber details, user/role-based access, and auto-detection of new service capabilities. A “FIX IT NOW” button on the dashboard can provide recommendations and options that allow customer service representatives to remotely resolve subscriber network issues.

OpenVault is showcasing the ability of its products to increase revenue and ARPU, improve network management, and slash time and costs while increasing customer satisfaction at Andina Link in Cartagena, Columbia through March 9 and at Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies in Denver March 14-15.

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