OpenVault to Present at TM Forum Management World Americas

Kevin Alcox speaks about the future of IPDR and how it impacts the cable industry

Wayne, New Jersey: November 29, 2012 – OpenVault, a provider of solutions which help broadband providers efficiently manage bandwidth utilization on their networks and maximize revenue potential, announced today that it will be presenting a technology overview during TM Forum’s Management World Americas Cable Summit on Monday, December 3rd. The event is being held in Orlando, Florida from December 3–6.
Kevin Alcox is Vice President of services and delivery for OpenVault, and also TM Forum’s IPDR working group leader. The IP Detail Record (IPDR) protocol provides an ‘accounting grade’ information model, encoding and transport architecture to unify the fragmented space of event tracking APIs and protocols for IP networks and digital services.  IPDR was adopted by CableLabs and its MSO’s by inclusion into the DOCSIS™ OSSI specification to provide efficient traffic accounting statistics collection for hundreds of millions of IP endpoints.
Mr. Alcox will be presenting on what the future of IDPR will look like, including:

  • The reality of a cloud-based IPDR ‘store’ as a resource for enabling new digital services
  • Device–based IPDR transmitters to support the explosion of smart ‘touch-points’
  • Cable industry driven enhancements to support protocol optimization and replacement of SNMP collection

“The adoption of IPDR has changed the face of cable broadband delivery forever,” stated Mr. Alcox. “It has expanded the industry’s potential and provides MSOs with tremendous amounts of valuable information that can be used to implement consumption-based billing and services, manage Quality of Service, improve operational efficiencies, and identify new revenue opportunities.  I am excited to be sharing a vision for what IPDR 3.0 is and what it will allow MSOs to achieve.”
OpenVault supports the use of IPDR. With global broadband consumption increasing at exponential rates, operators need to control, manage and charge for their infrastructure and internet usage in more profitable ways.
Join OpenVault at TM Forum’s Management World Americas from December 3 – 6.  To schedule a meeting while in Orlando, email
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