OpenVault Enters 5-Year Agreement with MetroCast to Deliver Sophisticated Data Analysis to Help Optimize Broadband Services and Customer Satisfaction

Wayne, NJ; Nashua, NH; (February 20, 2013)— OpenVault, the leading provider of Service-Based real-time usage, data, and analytics solutions for Multiple System Operators (MSOs), announced today that it has entered into a 5-year agreement with MetroCast Communications to provide valuable data analytics that will help optimize its broadband services and customer satisfaction.
OpenVault’s suite of data analytics products helps to enhance customers’ broadband experience by providing them with an online tool to gain valuable insight into their broadband usage.  The products also help improve service quality by automatically optimizing how bandwidth is delivered through the power of real-time monitoring, reducing the need for new capital investments and extending the life of network assets.  OpenVault’s solutions also deliver predictive analytics tools that help MSOs prepare for future broadband growth requirements and more effectively meet the demands of subscribers.
Mark Trudeau, CEO of OpenVault, stated, “OpenVault addresses a critical and growing need in the cable market – the ability to manage the explosive demand for broadband services, while controlling costs and providing a better customer experience.  We are excited that OpenVault was selected to help optimize MetroCast’s broadband services and to enhance service for its customers in the nine states they provide service.”
Josh Barstow, MetroCast’s Vice President of Advanced Services, stated that “after careful consideration and significant testing, we selected OpenVault because of the ability of their service platform to not only deliver more accurate results for us and our subscribers, but because their analytics capabilities and product breadth will allow us to extend our network investments, while maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.”
About Metrocast
Harron Communications, L.P. dba MetroCast Communications serves over 200,000 residential and business-class customers in more than 200 communities in the states of New Hampshire, Maine, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Connecticut, South Carolina, Mississippi and Alabama. They continue to introduce new technology and provide new advanced products and services, increasing the value of the entertainment and information choices for the homes and businesses they serve. For more information, please visit MetroCast.
About OpenVault
OpenVault provides solutions that help broadband providers manage bandwidth utilization on their networks and optimize the network’s revenue potential via a unique Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. Network providers can purchase a host of applications on a “pay as you go” basis, thereby reducing intensive capital outlay and enjoying a positive return on investment immediately. OpenVault’s solutions drastically improve the visibility into how the network is being used and provide the operator with a mechanism for driving additional revenue. For more information, please visit