New Solutions to Address Data Usage Growth and Revenue Optimization

Hoboken, NJ; July 19, 2018 –A leading provider of industry analytics and technology solutions for broadband operators, OpenVault will be announcing its newest technologies at the upcoming NCTC The Independent Show in Anaheim, CA. These latest technologies leverage the various data sets OpenVault collects and analyzes with solutions for operators to identify and actualize subscribers’ growing usage behaviors. This lineup includes the Revenue Accelerator, a new tool that provides operators with the ammunition they need to right-size their subscriber broadband products and optimize revenues.
Mark Trudeau, OpenVault’s founder and CEO states, “The Revenue Accelerator takes the guesswork out of proactive upgrade campaigns. By using the most accurate and broad set of data available, blind sales calls are replaced by intelligent leads to micro-target prime upgrade candidates. This is a game changer for driving incremental revenues and providing subscribers with an optimal quality of experience.”
Subscriber data usage consumption trends clearly indicate that both power users and average users will continue to consume tremendous amounts of data, with a forecast of 50 percent of subscribers using more than 250GB per month by the end of 2020. At this unprecedented point in the marketplace, broadband providers have many opportunities to monetize this growth with innovative approaches to optimize profit and growth.
As one of the industry’s top broadband analytics and solution providers, OpenVault provides three key benefits, OpenVault enables: aggregation of the most up-to-date data from millions of subscribers worldwide; optimization of the revenue opportunities that the industry’s data growth presents; and accurate and proactive management of network congestion and usage inequalities.
Trudeau continues, “OpenVault’s latest products, which leverage our years of experience collecting and analyzing broadband data usage behavior, are helping operators understand their subscribers’ growing usage and needs and enabling them to optimize market opportunities at an extremely critical time.”
OpenVault customer Brian Lynch, senior vice president of Schurz Communications, Inc. states, “We’ve partnered with OpenVault for several years now and they continue to release innovative products that have truly impacted our bottom line while also assisting us in providing a more efficient and superior service to our subscribers.”
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OpenVault’s solution suite tracks broadband data usage consumption levels for millions of subscribers and helps operators across the globe better manage their networks, saving time and costs while increasing revenue and subscriber satisfaction. Network operators use OpenVault’s easy-to-use tools to dramatically improve visibility into their networks and automate management functions to proactively handle congestion, forecast network requirements, monetize broadband growth and communicate with subscribers. For more information, please visit
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