Agreement to broaden OpenVault footprint, Power & Tel cloud product portfolio


Hoboken, NJ and Memphis, TN; October 7, 2020 – OpenVault, a global provider of industry analytics and SaaS technology solutions for broadband operators, and Power & Tel today announced a new cooperation that will significantly expand the ability of current and future Power & Tel service provider customers to manage, measure and monetize traffic on their networks. 

The multi-year agreement will enable seamless integration of OpenVault products and solutions into the Power & Tel portfolio, creating opportunities for both companies collaboratively to improve business results for customers. Through Power & Tel’s vast sales and support network in the Americas, service providers will have expedited access to SaaS technologies that can enhance network performance, customer experiences and bottom lines.

“Broadband’s increased role in global connectivity during the pandemic has driven home how providers need to have a clear picture of when, how and by whom their networks are being used,” said Josh Barstow, Chief Revenue Officer of OpenVault. “By including Power & Tel in our sales partner ecosystem, we can help the industry harness OpenVault solutions at a time when the operational and business benefits are more important than ever.”

“Cloud-based SaaS solutions will open the door for our customers to grow their capabilities organically without the capital expense of new equipment,” said Jennifer Sims of Power & Tel. “This agreement expands the scope and scale of service offerings, enabling us to support availability of solutions that will be vital to our customers in the years ahead.”

Power & Tel has a 55+ year multi-continent track record of supporting carriers’ operational excellence, including extraordinary product quality, service delivery and customer care. As one of the industry’s top broadband analytics and solution providers, OpenVault offers services and products that are designed to help operators manage their networks more effectively and optimize the revenue opportunities that data growth presents. 

About Power & Tel

Founded in 1963, Power & Tel is an industry leader in the material management and distribution of product solutions to the worldwide communications marketplace. Power & Tel’s extensive distribution system offers service providers and contractors an effective way to get the wide range of products needed to build and maintain communication networks. As a Certified Women Business Enterprise and value-add partner, Power & Tel offers efficient solutions for the management of material and transactions, asset visibility, and maximizing resource and facility capacity. Company headquarters are located in Memphis, TN, with branch offices and distribution centers throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. To learn more, visit or call 800-238-7514.

About OpenVault 

OpenVault and its OpenVault Europe GmbH subsidiary are market-leading sources of broadband technology solutions and data-driven insights into worldwide broadband consumption patterns. The companies’ cloud-based, SaaS solutions and tools help service providers optimize network performance, increase revenue and improve subscriber satisfaction. OpenVault and OpenVault Europe aggregate and analyze the resulting market data to provide unparalleled granular views of consumer usage that can be used to anticipate residential and business broadband trends.

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