Industry-leading SaaS technology solutions and analytics firm opens Europe HQ in Berlin

Hoboken, NJ and Berlin, Germany; September 30, 2020 – OpenVault a global provider of industry analytics and SaaS technology solutions for broadband operators, today announced that it has set the stage for significantly increased market activity in Europe with the establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary based in Berlin.

OpenVault Europe GmbH has been created to meet growing market demand for OpenVault’s market-leading solutions and insights that help broadband service providers manage network performance and optimize customer experiences. The company’s cloud-based solutions are offered through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model and generate actionable data that can be used to anticipate residential and business broadband trends.

Mark Trudeau, CEO of OpenVault, will be CEO for both companies, supported by a dedicated OpenVault Europe team for technical support and business development.

“The record growth of broadband usage, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic, has increased broadband providers’ needs for increased visibility into their networks and subscriber traffic,” said Mark Trudeau. “OpenVault Europe’s SaaS solutions have been proven in the Americas and abroad to provide operators with the insights they need to rapidly optimize network performance, increase subscriber satisfaction and drive revenue.”

About OpenVault 

OpenVault and OpenVault Europe GmbH are a market-leading sources of broadband technology solutions and data-driven insights into worldwide broadband consumption patterns. The companies’ cloud-based, SaaS solutions and tools help service providers optimize network performance, increase revenue and improve subscriber satisfaction. OpenVault and OpenVault Europe aggregate and analyze the resulting market data to provide unparalleled granular views of consumer usage that can be used to anticipate residential and business broadband trends.

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