Brady Volpe

Chief Product Officer
Mr. Volpe brings over 30 years of invaluable expertise in the broadband cable and telecommunications industry. His extensive career began after he graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He started as an RF Engineer at C-COR Electronics (now Arris) and quickly delved into the world of DOCSIS while working at Filtronic Sigtek. During this time, he pursued further education and earned a Masters in Electrical Engineering with the highest honors (4.0) from Johns Hopkins Applied Research Lab.
At Sigtek, Mr. Volpe played a pivotal role in co-inventing the first portable DOCSIS Protocol Analyzer for the broadband cable market. His passion for innovation and product development led him to hold Vice President and Director positions at Sunrise Telecom and JDSU. During his tenure, he was instrumental in designing and successfully launching new products.
With a strong focus on technology, Mr. Volpe has made significant contributions to the industry. He is a patent holder and has been published in various publications. His blog, podcast, and livestream have garnered a large domestic and international following, including major MSOs and cable operators worldwide. His expertise encompasses a wide range of areas, including High speed data, DOCSIS, OFDMA, PNM, HFC, security, network capacity, PMA, machine learning, RF, RxMER and more.
In 2013, Mr. Volpe founded Nimble This, becoming the first company to introduce Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) to the commercial market. This groundbreaking approach has revolutionized network maintenance and optimization, helping businesses enhance their broadband services.
With his vast knowledge and passion for the industry, Mr. Volpe continues to drive innovation and contribute to the advancement of broadband technologies. In his spare time, Brady enjoys snorkeling, reading manuals and playing with kittens.