Santhana Chari

VP of Broadband Analytics and Data Science

In his current role as VP of Broadband Analytics and Data Science, Santhana is responsible for developing product to automate the monitoring of broadband networks and to accomplish data-driven optimization of network performance. He is also focused on driving innovation in analytics and machine learning to improve network operations and customer experience.

Prior to joining OpenVault, Santhana was a Senior Director of Engineering at Arris/CommScope where he led engineering teams in the development of various virtualized software products including the virtual CMTS, network monitoring software suites, and several IP Video delivery products. He was also a technology leader in CTO organization driving forward-looking product architectures and prototypes for several virtualization and analytics based network automation solutions. Santhana has spent over two decades in the telecommunication industry starting with his role as Vice President of Engineering at an early-stage start-up company, EG Technology, Inc., where he built the team that developed the industry’s first fully software based professional quality H.264 and HEVC video encoders and transcoders. These products were widely deployed at various cable operators for digital IP video delivery and EGT was acquired by Arris.

Santhana holds a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park. He holds over twenty patents in the areas of video processing, network automation, and analytics. He frequently presents technical papers at Cable and Broadcast industry conferences.

He enjoys playing competitive tennis and taking nature walks with his family (and the dog) during his spare time.