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Are you ready for ‘Broadband First?’

Hindsight is 20-20, so as we look back now it would be easy to say that we foresaw exactly how the pay-TV landscape would change when we hung out the OpenVault shingle a decade ago. But we have to admit, the enormity and speed of the video transformation kind of took...

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A New Decade for Broadband, A New Milestone for OV

As we welcome a new decade and look forward to exciting work ahead, the OpenVault team is also celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year, feeling extremely grateful and reflecting on a company and industry that have experienced tremendous growth and innovation. ...

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OV’s 20-20 Vision of the 2020 Broadband Future

The gift-giving season is upon us and new connected devices that are unwrapped will spike broadband usage and set the consumption stage for the year ahead, according to OpenVault’s recent analysis. We can’t be certain what the New Year will bring, but after 10 years...

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Predictive Data Helps Save Networks and Improve UX

According to our recently released Q2 2019 OpenVault Broadband Industry (OVBI) report, subscribers’ broadband usage patterns can be predictors of cord-cutting, an event that has significant impact on operators’ networks and ultimately, bottom-line.  This critical...

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That's a Wrap

Visiting with colleagues and friends at industry events is always productive and enlightening.  Meeting with customers in person presents not only an opportunity to showcase our latest technologies but more importantly, to hear from the people who use our products...

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