As we welcome a new decade and look forward to exciting work ahead, the OpenVault team is also celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year, feeling extremely grateful and reflecting on a company and industry that have experienced tremendous growth and innovation.  Flashback to 2010: the New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl; San Francisco Giants beat the Texas Rangers in the World Series; “Avatar” was best motion picture; “Modern Family” was the most popular television show and OpenVault opened its doors in Wayne, New Jersey with a staff of two and a dream. In industry news, 2010 was the first year that pay television saw quarterly subscriber declines. It was also the year of the tablet, with Apple’s iPad selling more than 3 million units in the first quarter and e-books outselling hardcover books. Somehow we all survived on average connection speeds of 3.87 megabits per second.  YouTube made history in 2012 with the first video to hit one billion views with Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’. In 2013, Netflix introduced its own original programming and introduced the art of streaming wars. By the middle of the decade, the average U.S. home received 189 television channels and the mass acceptance of digital television greatly enhanced Smart TVs’ permeation into U.S. homes.  Soon American households would increasingly rely on the Internet for viewing purposes, and streaming services such as Amazon VideoHuluiTunesNetflix, YouTube, Disney+ and AppleTV+ would fuel cord cutting behaviors, a phenomenon that continues today. As the industry evolved significantly and faced unprecedented growth over the past decade, so has OpenVault. What started as a two-man operation in 2010 has grown exponentially.  With a worldwide team, today OpenVault is a leading provider of technology solutions and industry analytics for broadband operators across four continents, tracking data consumption levels for millions of subscribers and saving operators time and costs while increasing revenue and subscriber satisfaction.  From the introduction and evolutionary enhancements of our core data analytics engine, we’ve developed and deployed an extensive suite of broadband-centric and cloud-based solutions with increasingly powerful business outcomes for our customers. Highlights have included:  
  • Growth from a handful of broadband customers to over 150 operators in North and South America, Europe and Asia
  • Improving annual revenue of our customers by 100s of millions of dollars and doing so for more operators than any other broadband-focused software vendor in the world 
  • Ongoing rollout of, and enhancements to, multiple solution modules: revenue manager, customer care portal, policy manager and the award winning ACS WiFi Insider which significantly increases visibility into the connected devices on in-home WiFi networks for improved customer care and reduced opex
  • The introduction of our quarterly OpenVault Broadband Inustry data advisory (OVBI)
  • Hundreds of speaking opportunities at global and regional conferences
  Toward the close of this decade, OpenVault opened new corporate headquarters in Hoboken, New Jersey, a technology-forward community that has deep roots and easy access to NYC. At our new home, we recognized the need to give back to the communities in which we work in and travel through, in order to make a positive impact to the areas that host us as we conduct our business.  Thus, OV Cares was born to encourage our colleagues, customers and friends to donate their unused, travel-sized personal hygiene items to our collections at industry trade shows to benefit organizations dedicated to helping the homeless population in Hoboken and the cities we visit. Today, OV Cares is an extension of the OpenVault culture that values collaboration with our colleagues and customers to improve and innovate the world around all of us. Since its inception, OV Cares has helped nonprofit organizations serve nearly 5,000 individuals in need.  As we celebrate a decade of dedication and hard work that has resulted in achieving – and often exceeding – our goals, OV founder and CEO Mark Trudeau shares his thoughts on what sets OpenVault apart, defines our corporate culture, drives our decision-making processes and reflects the products we design, the brand we create and the service we deliver: “OV IS INVESTED” As a solution provider, OpenVault delivers exceptional products.  However, to be invested is much more meaningful.  At OpenVault, we always remain invested in each solution, transaction and customer.  We truly value our relationships with our partners and customers and celebrate each other’s success.  It’s simple: Our customers’ success is our success.   “OV IS FLEXIBLE” No matter how big we grow or how many customers we have, OpenVault’s success is due to our ability to adapt our solutions to each customer’s unique needs.  This corporate agility sets us apart from our competitors and is one of our greatest strengths.  Regardless of our success, we must remain flexible in our capacity to provide customized service. “OV SEEKS INNOVATION AND CREATES CHANGE” As one of the industry’s leading data experts and solutions provider, we continue to seek innovation in our market and our products.  With our expertise and our technologies, we strive to be the creators of change that is necessary for our customers to succeed.  We continually evolve to provide the most innovative and competitive strategies available. “OV IS RESPONSIVE” OpenVault believes in operational excellence. Our customers look to us as experts for answers and unmatched customer service based on our unique experience and extensive knowledge base.  At OpenVault, no request goes unanswered and we strive to respond in a timely fashion. “OV BUILDS TRUST” The broadband landscape is a competitive and ever-evolving environment that creates unique challenges for every operator.  The integrity of OpenVault’s people and solutions is key to providing our customers with the best tools available to compete in their marketplace.  The OV Team is a tried and trusted partner and will continue to build business relationships based on the utmost integrity, professional competence and market confidence. As the new decade unfolds, we will continue to anticipate industry challenges and meet growing  demands with the latest technologies, advanced data and innovative solutions. We express deepest gratitude to our valued customers and colleagues and thank our family and friends for all of their support.  We look forward to an exciting future and can’t wait to share our expertise with the world!