OpenVault to Present at TM Forum Management World 2013

Kevin Alcox speaks about “cable in the cloud” and how IPDR 3.0 will move the industry forward

Wayne, New Jersey: May 8, 2013 – OpenVault, the leading provider of easy-to-use tools that help Multiple System Operators (MSOs) increase revenues, reduce costs and manage growth, announced today that it will be presenting a case study at the Cable Forum being held during TM Forum’s Management World 2013 Conference and Expo on Monday, May 13, 2013. The event is being held in Nice, France from May 13-16.

The cable industry’s IPDR-based SAMIS usage collection model is the most successful implementation of the TM Forum’s IP Detail Record (IPDR) technology to-date; however, much more can be achieved with this telemetry collection technology. The standard is already tasked with the combined business goals of improving customer experience management and digital service delivery, along with complex network architecture penetration to the edge of a service provider’s network. Going deeper into the subscriber’s premises to support an exploding number of IP endpoints will require the technology to undergo further refinement and optimization.

To address these requirements, the TM Forum, with support from the cable industry, is launching the third generation of IPDR technology. The latest generation of IPDR contains wide-ranging enhancements, including: device-resident data sources; cloud-based repositories; and Digital Service Provider financial settlement of revenues. During this presentation, Kevin Alcox, Vice President of Services & Delivery, OpenVault and Chair of the IPDR-NG Working Group, TM Forum, will present a case study examining the proposed features of IPDR 3.0.

“IPDR has already moved the cable industry ahead by leaps and bounds,” said Mr. Alcox. “But we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of its potential. IPDR will enable MSOs to develop new services more rapidly, better respond to shifts in the marketplace and enhance the quality of experience provided to customers. When combined with the promise of cloud technologies, IPDR has the potential to make MSO operations more efficient and cost-effective.”

OpenVault supports the use of IPDR for management of IP-based service offerings. With global broadband consumption increasing at exponential rates, operators need to control, manage and charge for their infrastructure and content usage in more flexible and efficient ways.

Join OpenVault at TM Forum’s Management World 2013 Conference and Expo in Nice from May 13-16.  To schedule a meeting while in Nice, email:

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