OpenVault Launches Policy Solution to Maximize Revenues and Optimize the Cable Network

OpenVault to Showcase Analytics-Driven Policy Solution at The Independent Show in San Francisco
Wayne, New Jersey: July 25 2011 – OpenVault, a provider of solutions which help broadband providers manage bandwidth utilization on their networks and maximize revenue potential, announced that it will be showcasing the latest innovation in policy solutions that will enable cable operators to develop new business models, automatically optimize network resources, improve customer satisfaction and increase revenues. The Independent Show, developed by the National Cable Television Cooperative and the American Cable Association, is being held in San Francisco from 24-27 July.
OpenVault’s PCMM Policy Manager empowers multi-service operators (MSOs) in the cable industry to automatically control and allocate available bandwidth that ensures Quality of Service (QoS) for both standard network use and premium services in real time, so that network resources are optimized and customer satisfaction is increased. With OpenVault, MSOs are able to leverage a set of subscriber and network analytics to manage and monitor network bandwidth usage and QoS across a wide range of multimedia services, while also easing congestion on the network. In addition, OpenVault’s cloud-based solution goes one step further by enabling the delivery of automated notifications to network staff in the event of changes to the performance or load on the network. It also provides customers with better visibility through real-time notifications on their usage, or as they approach the limit of their subscribed package. OpenVault responds to increasing demands by cable operators to have real-time access to data in the network, and the ability to direct bandwidth access as new business models, such as premium services based on QoS, are launched to the market.
Shira Levine, Directing Analyst, Next Gen OSS & Policy at Infonetics Research, stated that as subscribers continue to increase their consumption of bandwidth-hungry on-demand video and high definition content, often via over-the-top services such as Netflix, Google Cloud and Amazon, cable operators need to be able to deliver a differentiated experience to their customers in order to recoup the cost of their network investment.
“As broadband access becomes a commodity to consumers, cable operators are increasingly looking to offer their subscribers value-added capabilities such as tiered services, bandwidth boosting and parental controls. Policy management is becoming a critical tool for delivering those more sophisticated offerings, allowing operators to distinguish their service and deliver additional value,” Levine said.
Mark Trudeau, CEO of OpenVault, commented: “The rise of the over-the-top content providers has changed the way that consumers use broadband. Data heavy services, such as VoIP, gaming and video, are putting an incredible burden on broadband providers. OpenVault delivers a vital link between the service provider and their customers that enables greater transparency of service, protects the network from congestion, enables tiered pricing packages, and reduces revenue leakage.”
OpenVault will be showcasing the PCMM Policy Manager at The Independent Show, booth 112, which is being held in San Francisco from 24-27 July. To book a demonstration, please contact Rich Evans at