Hoboken, NJ; October 4, 2018 Statistics collected during Q3 2018 show clear differences in upstream data usage behavior between commercial and residential subscribers and between subscribers on usage based billing plans versus those on non-usage based billing broadband plans, according to OpenVault, a leading provider of industry analytics and technology solutions for broadband operators,
OpenVault’s review of upstream usage shows that average consumption per household during the quarter ended September 30, 2018 was 13GB per month. On closer analysis, OpenVault observed differences among subscriber categories that can have implications for operator networks, particularly those that serve both commercial and residential customers at scale. These included:

  • Average upstream usage for commercial subscribers is nearly 2.5x the amount observed per residential subscriber with commercial subs averaging over 30GB of upstream usage in September 2018 alone.  
  • Upstream usage accounts for approximately 18% of total usage for commercial subscribers, vs. approximately 5.5% for residential subscribers.  Overall upstream usage per subscriber is growing at approximately 16% annually.
  • Upstream usage per subscriber for providers with UBB in place is 15% less than average upstream usage for providers without UBB in place.

In conjunction with its analysis of upstream behavior, OpenVault also observed that average downstream commercial usage per subscriber is 35-50% lower than average downstream residential usage.  
“As upstream usage continues to grow, we’re seeing that usage-based broadband can help to curb strain on networks caused by excessive data consumption in both directions,” Mark Trudeau, CEO of OpenVault.   “At the same time, the data shows the importance of operators continuing to invest in next-generation DOCSIS and other solutions that will enable them to meet subscribers’ growing upstream expectations.”
OpenVault executives will be available at the IoT World pavilion at SCTE•ISBE Cable-Tec Expo 2018 to discuss operators’ needs for increased visibility into broadband consumption, as well as proactive network management strategies. The Cable-Tec Expo exhibit floor will be open Oct. 23-25 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.
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