Multiple Cable Operators Sign Up with OpenVault to Better Monetize Their Network

OpenVault Trials Demonstrate the Power of Analytics-Based Policy Solution for MSOs
Wayne, New Jersey: September 6, 2011 – OpenVault, the provider of solutions which automatically help broadband providers manage bandwidth on their networks and maximize revenue potential, has announced that multiple cable operators are experiencing the power of its analytics-driven policy solution through preliminary trials that are currently being conducted at six leading cable operators across the U.S. OpenVault is spearheading the development of innovative solutions that enable cable operators to develop new business models, automatically optimize network resources, improve customer satisfaction and increase revenues.
OpenVault responds to increasing demands by cable operators to have real-time access to data in the network, and the ability to automatically direct bandwidth access as new business models and OTT content is launched to the market. OpenVault’s cloud-based capabilities enable operators to quickly launch the solution, allowing operators to begin tracking customer usage and identifying new revenue streams immediately. Typically taking less than a day to launch an OpenVault trial; operators have identified how to solve key bandwidth utilisation issues and have a clearer picture of actual bandwidth consumption patterns through the use of OpenVault’s automated policy-based network management tools. For example, operators have been able institute automated usage thresholds as a mechanism to monetize heavy users, as well as a way to launch additional value-added services, such as “bandwidth on demand”.
With OpenVault, multi-service operators (MSOs) have in-depth visibility into the amount of bandwidth being consumed both by subscriber and by package, enabling operators to enforce usage caps and metered billing initiatives while also easing congestion on the network and enabling better quality of service. At one trial, OpenVault uncovered 25 percent of an operator’s traffic records that were previously unaccounted for, representing key areas of potential revenue leakage and opportunities for new revenue streams for the operator to capitalize on. Additionally, MSOs are able to capture additional revenue by offering guaranteed bandwidth on demand as subscribers utilize bandwidth-intensive applications such as gaming or watching streaming OTT content. OpenVault’s turnkey solutions provide these capabilities without significant uplift to their current billing and rating systems.
“It’s about running your business, not just your network,” says Rich Evans VP of Sales & Marketing for OpenVault. “There are network operations outsourcers that have been around for years, but their solutions and business processes are purely network-focused and they have been slow to respond to the urgent need for solutions which impact the operator’s bottom line. Our focus is not only to help manage resources, but to help our customers make money. The network management capabilities we provide, while important, are just a small part of what we do. By making sure an operator’s services are profitable, and also by giving them more options in how they price, package and sell their services, we safeguard the margins operators need in order to continue to deliver a competitive high-quality service in an increasingly IP driven market.”
Mark Trudeau, CEO of OpenVault, said that the results achieved from the current trials show the significant value that analytics-driven policy solutions can drive for MSOs.
“As OTT services and the demand for bandwidth continue to grow, cable operators must act now to drive the return on their network necessary in order to protect themselves and their bottom line. OpenVault delivers a vital link between the service provider and their customers that enables greater transparency of service, protects the network from congestion, enables tiered pricing packages, and reduces revenue leakage,” said Mr. Trudeau.
OpenVault’s PCMM Policy Manager empowers MSOs to automatically control and allocate available bandwidth that ensures Quality of Service (QoS) for both standard network use and premium services in real time, so that network resources are optimized and customer satisfaction is increased. With OpenVault, MSOs are able to leverage a set of subscriber and network analytics to manage and monitor network bandwidth usage and QoS across a wide range of multimedia services, while also easing congestion on the network. OpenVault’s cloud-based solution goes one step further by enabling the delivery of automated notifications to network staff in the event of changes to the performance or load on the network.
OpenVault will be showcasing their solution at The Mid America Show September 8, in Branson, Missouri.

About OpenVault:

OpenVault provides solutions which help broadband providers manage bandwidth utilization on their networks and optimize the network’s revenue potential via a unique Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. Network providers can purchase a host of applications on a “pay as you go” basis, thereby reducing intensive capital outlay and enjoying a positive return on investment immediately. OpenVault’s solutions drastically improve the visibility into how the network is being used and provide the operator with a mechanism for driving additional revenue. For more information, please visit