Traffic Exclusion

Allows operators to custom brand and market the tool to exclude specific traffic classes, such as video, voice, and OTT services from contributing to subscriber usage which can result in incremental package upgrades, subscriber acquisition and subscriber retention

Business Challenges

  • Customers are not on the proper plan that correlates with their data consumption, resulting in poorer QoE
  • Lack of customer education/understanding in knowing how a specific upload/download activity translates into gigabytes
  • Heavy usage or reliance on certain applications skews the customer’s overall breakdown of consumption

Solution Features

  • Provides the ability to exclude traffic counts at the service flow level, ensuring that specific types of traffic are not counted as part of data usage consumption levels.  
  • Examples of traffic that can be excluded are:
    • video streaming services
    • voice or management control requiring data overhead

Solution Benefits

  • Incremental package upgrades
  • These incentives on higher priced packages lead to an increase in revenue
  • Right-sizing of customers resulting in subscriber acquisition and retention