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Subscriber Analytics

OpenVault’s unique, world-class cloud-based visibility into broadband provider networks and subscriber usage at the granular level improves subscriber satisfaction and reduces churn with subscriber and customer care activities based upon customer-specific usage. In fact, OpenVault’s insights and actionable solutions enable strategic decision-making based on detailed subscriber data consumption levels (upstream and downstream); identification, in real-time, of subscribers causing network congestion issues; and the identification of upgrade candidates who would benefit from more bandwidth based on usage behavior. No other data analytics company knows more about broadband subscriber usage behavior and how to use network data to drive revenue, reduce costs, better manage networks and improve customer satisfaction and retention.


  • Enhance User ExperienceBy implementing customer education that notifies subscriber with data consumption alerts, subscriber satisfaction is increased and overall user experience is optimized

  • Increase ARPU Usage alerts include upgrade offers that are specific to a subscriber’s plan and usage behavior

  • Improve Customer SatisfactionA Customer Care Portal includes a user-friendly dashboard of usage specific to subscriber’s package that provides care representatives with accurate and easy-to-read information in order to effectively handle incoming calls and proactively resolve customer issues.

Product Components:

Operations & AnalyticsOpenvault provides network capacity monitoring and planning that enables operators to proactively identify and respond to network issues impacting service. In addition, with actionable analytics, providers can build more intuitive broadband data packages that align with usage.
Marketing Analytics​OpenVault's unique insight into a variety of subscriber, broadband data package and usage metrics, combined with the ability to analyze and drill down into specific criteria, enables operators to strategically create promotions and value-added upsells to increase ARPU and improve customer satisfaction.
ACPOpenVault's unique, cloud-based visibility into broadband provider networks and subscriber usage at the granular level, ensures proper usage audit and storage reports as defined by the FCC, making compliance and reporting simple and accurate.

OpenVault solutions can increase revenue and ARPU, better manage your networks, and save time and costs while increasing subscriber satisfaction.

OpenVault’s aggregated analytics and actionable solutions enables PenTeleData and our partners to better understand our customers’ usage and more importantly, their ultimate needs.

Jaime Mendes
VP of Operations, PenTeleData