Proven Tools

Revenue Generation

Identify high-value revenue opportunities through granular analyses of subscriber behavior


  • Grow subscriber base with flexibility to create new packages based on segments of the market

  • Enhance value and ROI on existing infrastructure

  • Decrease inbound call volume and truck rolls due to self-selected upgrades for right sizing

  • Better understand product mix selected by subscribers and create new plans targeting new market segments

  • Quickly identify power users to ensure they are subscribed to the appropriate product

Product Components:

Operations & AnalyticsNetwork capacity monitoring and planning that enables operators to respond with more intuitive packages
Rating & ChargingUsage management tool that allows for flexible service product deployment by fully understanding customers’ usage needs and right-sizing specific optimal bandwidth packages
PrepaidEnables operators to create an incremental revenue stream by offering service packages with prepaid combinations of speeds, usage allowances and day passes
Marketing AnalyticsGives operators insight into a variety of subscriber, package, and market usage metrics combined with the ability to analyze and drill-down into specific criteria
CommsPlusCommunication notification system that provides customer service representatives and subscribers with critical subscriber usage details as well as automated E-mail notification to subscribers when they approach thresholds

OpenVault solutions can increase revenue and ARPU, better manage your networks, and save time and costs while increasing subscriber satisfaction.

OpenVault’s expanded solution suite provides deeper insight into our customers’ habits and usage, which enables us to offer innovative products and right-sized plans that increase ARPU and customer satisfaction.

James Campbell
Inter Mountain Cable