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Network Optimization Platform

A closed-loop and automated data-driven solution that dynamically creates bandwidth without human intervention by essentially creating “virtual node splits” and opening up more usable bandwidth. Benefit from investment in your DOCSIS 3.1 network by improving performance and visibility without incremental capital investment


  • Automatically identify and deliver the optimal set of OFDM/OFDMA profiles for improving bandwidth without the expense of line drops or other network build-out costs
  • All configurations are determined and implemented automatically and remotely; less time needed for engineers to monitor, customer service to handle QoE issues, less time for technician installations, and overall fewer truck rolls

  • Greater bandwidth allows for upgrading subscribers to higher speed plans on existing infrastructure generating greater ARPU

Product Components:

OV Congestion Manager

OpenVault solutions can increase revenue and ARPU, better manage your networks, and save time and costs while increasing subscriber satisfaction.