Proven Tools

Network Management

Improve the value and performance of your network with actionable solutions driven by analytics of individual subscriber behavior


  • Extend the life of the plant and existing network structure

  • Improve QoS for subscribers on the network

  • Predictive savings on operational costs including truck rolls and customer care

  • Proactive network monitoring to help manage congestion

  • Predictive High-Speed Data usage growth

  • Target abusers in real time and trigger conditions

Product Components:

High Scalability Data CollectionEnables the efficient collection and delivery of telemetry data from network elements, such as CMTSs, OLTs, and routers. The solution also facilitates transformation and enrichment of the data, as well as delivery of the data into one or more destinations such as a data lake or various analytics platforms.
Operations & AnalyticsNetwork capacity monitoring and planning that enables operators to respond with more intuitive packages
Traffic AnalyzerProvides visibility into network traffic without requiring any additional hardware or agents and analyzes service categories, geolocation of traffic, and potential security threats
Congestion ManagerEnables providers to immediately recognize cost, time and network management benefits including extending the life of the network and addresses the immediate congestion and operators’ assessment of the infrastructure’s long-term needs
Network AnalyticsProvides near real-time insights into the utilization and congestion on networks, historical trends, and capacity planning, which correlates upstream and downstream traffic utilization levels and enables analysis at the network and segment level
Speed ClippingIdentify, in near real-time, subscribers with usage behavior that approaches the maximum speed of their service packages. Perfect for upgrading to higher speed and more provider- lucrative plans, targeted subscribers will experience higher QoE and reduce their need for customer care.

OpenVault solutions can increase revenue and ARPU, better manage your networks, and save time and costs while increasing subscriber satisfaction.

Leveraging OpenVault’s vast expertise and experience in network management to proactively identify consumption trends will ensure continued delivery of best-in-class broadband service.

Dietmar Pöltl
CTO of Tele Columbus Group