Ritter Communications Selects OpenVault’s Broadband Operations & Analytics Solution

Analytics And Innovation Are The Keys To New Revenues And Happier Subscribers

Wayne, NJ; (Tuesday, July 30, 2013) – OpenVault, the leading provider of easy-to-use tools to help Multiple System Operators (MSOs) increase revenues, reduce costs and manage growth, has announced today that Ritter Communications has selected its Broadband Operations & Analytics tool to collect data and deliver valuable information related to Ritter’s High Speed Data (HSD) network and subscribers.
“Bringing relevant customer and network data to our internal teams is going to have a very positive effect on our business.  We will be able to make more informed business decisions at every stage, from product definitions and concepts, to improving traffic management and network planning. Access to better information will help drive higher revenues and lower costs,” said David Adams, Chief Operating Officer of Ritter Communications.
OpenVault has the only independently audited solution for broadband data traffic collection on the market.  Data accuracy is critical, especially if operators are looking to support any kind of measured services in the future. “Being able to offer new products and to expand an operator’s addressable market through such services as prepaid broadband or bandwidth-on-demand, without any capital outlay requirement, is what OpenVault brings to the market,” said Rich Evans, EVP of Sales & Marketing for OpenVault.
OpenVault’s solution allows MSOs to better predict and manage HSD network upgrade requirements. This enables operators to run their business more efficiently and avoid having to spend capital dollars without proper planning. “The OpenVault solution provides us with an important tool for identifying network capacity constraints and for understanding subscriber utilization.  This will allow us to proactively adjust service parameters and perform network capacity upgrades to ensure that our subscribers have the best possible user experience.” said Greg Sunderwood, VP of Engineering at Ritter Communications.
About Ritter Communications:
Ritter Communications is a regional telecommunications provider serving 57 communities and over 40,000 customers in northeast and north central Arkansas as well as west Tennessee with a full suite of communications services.
Ritter invests heavily in the communities it serves by deploying proven, best in class infrastructure and technology while coupling it with a world class customer focused experience.  Ritter’s investment in a state of the art network allows all customers, regardless of their location to enjoy advanced services typically found only in major metropolitan areas.
Headquartered today in Jonesboro, Arkansas, Ritter continues to expand its sphere of comprehensive services including high speed WAN, metro Ethernet, managed services, Internet access, cloud based applications and video. Additionally, Ritter has partnered to provide connectivity to national and regional broadband networks such as: Arkansas e-link, ARE-ON and Internet2 which provide a positive impact on the communities Ritter serves.
For more information, visit www.rittercommunications.com or facebook.com/rittercommunications.
About OpenVault
OpenVault helps MSOs better manage their networks, saving time and costs while increasing revenue and subscriber satisfaction. Network operators use OpenVault’s easy-to-use tools to dramatically improve visibility into their networks and to automate management functions to proactively handle congestion, ensuring capacity is available for all subscribers. The solution is offered on a pay-as-you-go basis, allowing service providers to immediately realize benefits without large up-front costs.