Leading network provider Penteledata renews OpenVault contract  and extends services for long-term deal
Wayne, NJ; May 22, 2017 – As one of the largest privately owned networks in the nation, PenTeleData and their partners (Service Electric Cable TV and CommunicationsService Electric Broadband Cable, Service Electric Cablevision and Blue Ridge Communications) service nearly 400K subscribers and provide high-speed data and Internet connectivity over 10,000 miles of fiber optic cabling and 60 Points of Presence in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In order to continue providing the market’s most innovative technology and user experience to the communities it serves, PenTeleData recently extended its service contract with OpenVault, a leading provider of broadband management and industry analytics that specializes in data usage analysis and cost efficient cloud-based solutions for broadband operators.
“The meaningful analytics OpenVault provides enables PenTeleData and our partners to better understand our customers’ usage and ultimately, their needs,” states Jaime Mendes, Vice President of Operations. He adds, “This powerful information allows us to deliver not only cutting-edge technology but more importantly, personalized service for each customer. Through the use of OpenVault’s solutions suite, we are able to continuously audit our broadband network so we can ultimately optimize the services provided to our customers.”
Mark Trudeau, OpenVault’s founder and CEO states, “We’re thrilled to extend and expand our relationship with PenTeleData and their partners. We continue to strive to provide innovative solutions to help our operator customers navigate the rapidly changing broadband landscape and we look forward to continuing our close business relationship with the PenTeleData family.”
About PenTeleData
PenTeleData began in 1994 with the idea of providing high-speed data and Internet connectivity in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In 1995, that vision came true. Our strategic partnership between local cable and telephone companies, including Service Electric Cable TV and CommunicationsService Electric Broadband CableService Electric CablevisionIronton Telephone, and Blue Ridge Communications allowed us to become the first data and Internet service provider in the nation to offer High-Speed Broadband Internet over a cable television connection.
About OpenVault
Supporting over 150 operators on 4 continents, OpenVault tracks data usage consumption levels for millions of subscribers and helps broadband providers better manage their networks, saving time and costs while increasing revenue and subscriber satisfaction. Network operators use OpenVault’s easy-to-use tools to dramatically improve visibility into their networks and to automate management functions to proactively handle congestion, forecast network requirements and communicate with subscribers. For more information, please visit openvault.com.
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