Hoboken Firm’s OV Cares program donates to homeless and postal workers

Hoboken, NJ; April 17, 2020 – OpenVault, a Hoboken-based provider of industry analytics and technology solutions for broadband operators worldwide, today announced its support of local organizations amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  

With Hoboken as an epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, OpenVault’s OV Cares initiative recently provided dinner for more than 50 homeless individuals at The Hoboken Shelter, and hosted a breakfast for the Hoboken US Postal Service workers that was catered by JP’s Bagel Express, also located in Hoboken.

“In the course of doing business with customers around the world, we have seen how OV Cares can tap into the power of collaboration with customers and partners to help the homeless,” said Brian Buckley, OpenVault’s OV Cares Ambassador. “However, today it is critical that we give back to the Hoboken community to support our local businesses, neighbors and heroes during an unprecedented challenging time, especially in our very own hard hit city.” 

For more information on OV Cares, please visit www.openvault.com. To donate to The Hoboken Shelter, click here.

About OpenVault 

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