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Unlock the Power of Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR)

Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR) is used to collect and record data traffic statistics produced on a network. IPDR data collection is a critical component to simple network management protocol by maintaining network health and proactively planning infrastructure such as expansions and network splits. However, IPDR collection can also be applied to improve subscriber satisfaction and increase revenue streams by analyzing subscriber network utilization and consumption patterns to create flexible packages that reflect the specific usage demands.

OpenVault supports all relevant IPDR/SP DOCSIS templates. See list here

OpenVault’s IPDR collection Process

As the market leader in IPDR collection, OpenVault collects usage data points from millions of individual broadband subscribers around the world, aggregated from OpenVault’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology solutions to pinpoint usage patterns that can be used to anticipate residential and business broadband trends; optimize network performance; maximize revenue and improve subscriber satisfaction.

OpenVault harnesses the powerful IPDR collection and combines it with deep analytics to create meaningful and innovative solutions. In this way, IPDR collection is the backbone of OpenVault’s analytics tools and provides a unique perspective in an ever evolving and challenging industry landscape.

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