Today’s increasing trend of “big data growth” does not show any signs of slowing down. In fact, with live streaming on an accelerating rise, and the amount of data being produced to the way in which it’s structured and used, this growth is expanding at unprecedented rates. Clearly, the demand for faster delivery and better content is creating a difficult environment for cable providers to keep up with. The technical infrastructure and product innovation that is required to understand these new consumer behaviors and ultimately maintain a satisfied subscriber base is at an unprecedented industry high.


In order to address this urgent industry challenge, OpenVault designed its easy-to-use, cloud-based platform and all of its components to provide operators with a multipurpose, full-service, one-stop shop technology solution. In this way, OpenVault facilitates a single partnership, eliminating the need for multi-vendor, complicated system integrations.


The OpenVault product lineup includes not only modules that reflect the industry’s evolving landscape offered through innovative and flexible pricing structures, but also includes experienced consultants and a dedicated support team to ensure transformative success on all levels.


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Operations & Analytics

  • Collection and analysis of network traffic and resource utilization, subscriber data usage behavior, and package trends
  • Network capacity monitoring and planning at the MAC Domain, node, and channel level
  • Reporting and analytics portal
  • Ongoing data analyst support
  • Quarterly management briefings


  • CommsPlus provides customer service representatives and subscribers with a valuable set of information including subscriber usage details with drill-down to hourly, daily, and last 3 months, modem swap history, policy enforcement actions, and email notifications sent to subscribers.
  • Hosted website with subscriber usage meter with portal integration
  • Automated E-mail notification to notify subscribers when they approach/cross thresholds

Rating & Charging

  • Rating engine to perform Usage Based Billing rating
  • Quota and subscriber HSD usage balance management
  • Allows for flexible service product/package deployments
  • Integration with billing system

Policy Manager

  • Automated policy enforcement, using PCMM protocol, integrated with Operations and Analytics module to manage high volume traffic and network capacity
  • Automated Congestion Management policy enforcement
  • Automated Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) policy enforcement
  • Integration with third-party in-browser notification technologies

ACS WiFi Insider

  • ACS WiFi Insider leverages TR-069 and SNMP to extend operator visibility, diagnostics, and control over modems connected to the access network and the devices within subscriber networks resulting in optimized customer support, lower operating costs, reduced truck rolls, and improved customer experience.
  • Real-time problem diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Higher customer satisfaction and lower churn by providing actionable information for the troubleshooting of home network problems

Marketing Analytics Dashboard

  • Marketing Analytics gives operators insight into a variety of subscriber, package, and market usage metrics combined with the ability to analyze and drill-down into specific criteria such as top subscribers, time frames, markets, and CMTS

Prepaid Broadband

  • Prepaid Broadband enables operators to create an incremental revenue stream by offering service packages with prepaid combinations of speeds, usage allowances, and day passes targeting unserved segments including credit challenged and bad debt

Binge on Broadband

  • Binge On enables operators to exclude specific traffic classes, such as video, voice, and OTT services. from contributing to subscriber usage which can result in incremental package upgrades, subscriber acquisition, and subscriber retention

Revenue Accelerator

  • Leverage multiple subscriber and network attributes using audience segmentation and recommendation engines to identify and micro-target upgrade candidates
  • Drive incremental broadband ARPU $2-3 based on just 15-20% subscriber upgrades
  • Right-size customers to their specific optimal bandwidth package, thus improving the quality of experience, reducing calls into customer care and avoiding unnecessary truck rolls
  • Drives significant upgrades and incremental revenues by giving outbound sales the specific ammunition they need by individual subscriber
  • Improves competitive positioning by providing faster speeds and reduce churn by future-proofing subscriber bandwidth, providing room for growth as new streaming applications are adopted and the number of connected devices increases
  • Revenue opportunities for the operator to identify and target upgrade candidates based on the number of devices connected in the home versus their plan