Revenue Accelerator

A tool that identifies and actualizes subscribers’ growing usage behaviors by using the most accurate and broad set of data available to micro-target prime upgrade candidates, which drives incremental revenues and provides subscribers with an optimal quality of experience

Business Challenges

  • Broadband providers lack the empirical data that would support their reasoning for right-sizing subscribers to the appropriate plans
  • Customer complaints stemming from poor quality of experience are always perceived to be network issues
  • Cold call marketing campaigns require operators to allocate their resources to an approach that only has a small percentage rate of success
  • Subscriber data usage consumption trends show that over time, the data consumed will continue to rise for both power and average users which will further cripple the operator network

Solution Features

  • Applies algorithms to subscriber data attributes to identify prime upgrade candidates
  • Micro-targets upgrade candidates with outbound campaign Upgrades targets to higher bandwidth, higher revenue broadband packages
  • Tracks campaign success rate and incremental revenue generation
  • Leverages machine learning to improve algorithms based on campaign results

Solution Benefits

  • Leverages multiple data attributes by using scoring algorithms to micro-target prime upgrade candidates
  • Drives significant upgrades and incremental revenues by giving outbound sales the specific ammunition they need by individual subscriber
  • Right-sizes customers to their specific optimal bandwidth package, thus improving the quality of experience, reducing calls into customer care and avoiding unnecessary truck rolls
  • Improves competitive positioning by providing faster speeds and reduce churn by futureproofing subscriber bandwidth, providing room for growth as new streaming applications are adopted and the number of connected devices increases