Rating & Charging

Usage management tool that allows for flexible service product deployment by fully understanding customers’ usage needs and right-sizing  specific optimal bandwidth packages

Business Challenges

  • Difficult to monetize the growth in usage on broadband networks when plans have historically been “all you can eat”
  • Lack of the ability to establish limits per plan and per subscriber and subsequently rate and bill for overage charges
  • Existing billing systems have limited ability to track, rate, and bill based on data usage

Solution Features

  • Balance management of subscriber data usage vs data allowance
  • Flexible rating schemes
  • Supports marketing product strategies

Solution Benefits

  • Generates additional revenue
  • Grow subscriber base by having the flexibility to create new packages based on segments of the market
  • Enhance value and ROI on existing infrastructure (i.e. billing system)
  • Generate incremental revenues while aligning with growing broadband demand