As part of OpenVault’s philanthropic efforts, we believe in giving back to the communities in which we visit, work in and travel through, in order to make a positive impact to the areas that host us as we conduct our business.  Struck by the collective value to non-profits and the needy of unused personal care items business travelers leave behind every day, OV Cares encourages our colleagues, customers and friends to donate their unused, travel-sized personal hygiene items to our collections at industry trade shows to benefit organizations dedicated to helping the homeless population in the cities we visit.
As a company that works and travels around the world to provide broadband solutions for operators globally, with recent expansions in Germany, Cyprus and Ecuador, OpenVault is positioning OV Cares as a wide-reaching opportunity to positively impact those in need worldwide.  To this end, OV Cares is an extension of the OpenVault culture that values collaboration with our colleagues and customers to improve and innovate the world around all of us.
We are grateful for to those who have supported our recent drives and thank you for participating in the OV Cares initiative and for joining the OpenVault team in making a difference and positive impact in the world.

With Hoboken as an epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, today it is critical that OV Cares gives back to the Hoboken community to support our local businesses, neighbors and heroes during an unprecedented challenging time, especially in our very own hard hit city. Therefore, the OV Cares initiative recently provided dinner for more than 50 homeless individuals at The Hoboken Shelter, and hosted a breakfast for the Hoboken US Postal Service workers that was catered by JP’s Bagel Express, also located in Hoboken. For more information on this effort, see how Openvault supports local organizations during covid-19 crisis.