OpenVault Broadband Industry Report (OVBI)

“Cord Cutter Broadband Usage Surges Past 500 GB per month”

Tracking broadband usage trends on service provider networks offers tremendous insight into consumer behavior and its impact on service provider operations. The OVBI offers this insight through analysis of millions of broadband subscriber usage data points across live networks in the U.S. and Europe.

Key findings in the OVBI 2019Q3 report include:

  • Cord-Cutting Surges

  • Cord cutters’ average broadband usage has risen rapidly to more than half a terabyte of data per month creating largely untapped opportunities for service providers

  • Broadband Growth

  • 2019Q3 overall weighted average broadband usage in the United States was 275 gigabytes, a year-over-year increase of 21% over the 2019Q3 figure of 228 GB

  • North America vs. Europe

  • At higher levels of service, usage is closely aligned between the two regions and is in fact virtually identical at the 50-75 Mbps tier; at lower tiers North American subscribers are consuming data at vastly greater rates, including nearly 150% more at the 30-40 Mbps speed tier and nearly 50% more at the 10-20 Mbps tier

  • Flat Rate Billing

  • Subscribers on FRB plans consistently subscribe to lower margin broadband speed packages yet consume the most data on average compared to UBB subscribers

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