Communication notification system that provides customer service representatives and subscribers with critical subscriber usage details as well as automated E-mail notification to subscribers when they approach thresholds

Business Challenges

  • Operators employ Millions of customer service agents and spend hundreds of Billions of dollars in customer care
  • Each call answered by a live agent costs operators between $7 and $11
  • The majority of subscriber calls to customer care are due to billing and technical issues
  • MSOs incur additional costs for service calls that result in technician truck rolls to the customer

Solution Features

  • Predictive Care – predicts the reason for a specific subscriber’s call to customer care and either handles the call in an automated way or provides an agent with the “best” resolution recommendation (ie for this overage situation credit the subscriber’s account) along with relevant subscriber information (ie overages, congestion issues)
  • Preemptive Care – continuously monitors the “quality of service” being provided to subscribers (ie network issues, in home device issues, profile, overage charges, data speeds, etc) and proactively contacts the impacted subscribers with predefined resolutions, promotions, etc.

Solution Benefits

  • Predictive Care and Preemptive Care not only significantly reduce customer service costs but also increase subscriber satisfaction and subscriber retention
  • Preemptive Care’s monitoring of network, device, and service for subscriber impacting issues also reduces the number of truck rolls and technician service calls
  • Reducing the number of calls and/or the length of calls to customer care directly increase operator profitability