WiFi Insider

A solution that extends operator visibility, diagnostics and control over modems and WiFi connected devices, resulting in optimized customer support, lower operating costs, reduced truck rolls and improved customer experience

Business Challenges

  • Operators are the first phone call when subscribers have WiFi issues and their lack of visibility into the home makes it difficult to resolve issues
  • The increase of unsecured IoT devices presents security risks
  • Subscriber bandwidth speeds have become out of line with their needs based on the number and type of devices demanding the service
  • Understand how various customer devices (mobile phones, tablets, PCs, TVs, lightbulbs, etc.) are using the network

Solution Features

  • In Home Device Management and Analytics (Auto Configuration Server) leverages TR-069 and SNMP protocols to enable operators to monitor and analyze in-home devices and their associated usage
  • Real-time problem diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Policies and workflows triggered by device activity
  • Dashboard view at both network and subscriber (household) levels

Solution Benefits

  • Higher customer satisfaction and lower churn by providing actionable information for the troubleshooting of home network problems
  • Lower operating expenditures by reducing truck rolls and consumer support calls. Improved customer care includes increased first call resolution and a reduction in escalated calls.
  • Automation of device mass management for reduced administrative overhead
  • Revenue opportunities for the operator to identify and target upgrade candidates based on the number of devices connected in the home vs their plan