As a rapidly growing company in an ever-evolving industry, we look to invest in innovation and infrastructure to continue to provide our subscribers with a pioneering network and broadband speed, both nationally and abroad. OpenVault enables us to do so, not with just deep analytics but more importantly, real solutions.

Nicolas Shiacolas

CEO, Cablenet

A unique aspect to OpenVault’s offerings is the scalability of its product to grow as our base grows.  And with a flexible modular product pricing plan that supports this “buy as you grow/need,” OpenVault has responded to our market needs.

Tom Whitaker

Senior VP of Operations, Shentel

In selecting a technology solution to provide a baseline report for all of our broadband networks, Consolidated looks for two outstanding qualities:  first, a true sense of integrity, specifically that a vendor will deliver what they say they can deliver in the time frame promised with excellent customer references; and secondly, a supplier who not only provides a technical need but who becomes a partner to cooperatively grow our businesses together.  OpenVault truly embodies both of these traits and as a result of this professional relationship, we have both experienced positive growth.

Rob Koester

Vice President – Consumer Product Marketing, Consolidated Communications

The major difference between OpenVault and its competitors is the meaningful analytics that are provided to us on a consistent basis.  In fact, OpenVault provides different views of our data as compared to anonymous data sets in our space to illustrate the industry landscape.  No other vendor I know provides market intelligence in this way.

Alan Mayman

IT Director, Antietam Cable Television

Bringing relevant customer and network data to our internal teams is having a very positive effect on our business. Access to better information will help drive higher revenues and lower costs.

David Adams

Chief Operating Officer, Ritter Communications

As the networks get more sophisticated, higher speeds being requested and traffic increases – being able to easily monitor, manage and plan have become very important. With OpenVault they distill the data into information we can use, and it then automatically deploys itself.

Anton van der Hoek

CTO, Kabelnoord

Our expanding customer base has increasingly diverse needs. We wanted to empower our subscribers with access to information about their Internet usage so they can see what services and options best suit their requirements.

Willy Pirtle

VP of Sales and Marketing, Shentel