Prepaid Broadband

Enables operators to create an incremental revenue stream by offering service packages with prepaid combinations of speeds, usage allowances and day passes targeting unserved segments, including credit challenged and higher risk customers

Business Challenges

  • Higher risk customers negatively impact the revenue streams of operators
  • Customers may not be able to keep up with their payments or may not have sufficient credit histories to qualify for traditional billing arrangements
  • Customers consistently exceeding data caps, but cannot be right-sized to the appropriate traditional package for cost reasons

Solution Features

  • An additional package or packages offered by the operator that provide a fixed quota for speed and data allowances
  • Short-term boost to a customer’s broadband capacity
  • New prepaid packages can be purchased once the allotment has been fulfilled on the previous one

Solution Benefits

  • Enhances the product suite being offered by the operator while creating a new, incremental revenue stream
  • Low-risk strategy and sales tool to develop new customers as well as maintain productive relationships with customers who are having budgetary issues
  • Operational costs are reduced as a result of fewer disconnects, truck rolls, and customer complaint calls