Operations & Analytics

Network capacity monitoring and planning that enables operators to respond with more intuitive packages that improve customer satisfaction and create more flexible business model scenarios

Business Challenges

  • Inadequate view into the networks including capacity, congestion, and subscriber usage behavior
  • Difficulty in forecasting network growth
  • The lack of real-time and continuous network data results in reactive behavior from the operator
  • Strain on the engineering team

Solution Features

  • Collection and analysis of network traffic and resource utilization, subscriber data usage behavior, and package trends
  • Network capacity monitoring and planning at the MAC Domain, node, and channel level
  • Reporting and analytics portal
  • Ongoing data analyst support
  • Quarterly management briefings

Solution Benefits

  • Savings on operational costs such as truck rolls and customer care calls
  • Immediate, real-time access into the network
  • Proactive monitoring of network to help manage congestion
  • Predict HSD usage growth
  • Synergy of information between the network capacity and individual subscriber contribution