Marketing Analytics Dashboard

Gives operators insight into a variety of subscriber, package, and market usage metrics combined with the ability to analyze and drill-down into specific criteria

Business Challenges

  • Difficult for product marketing, sales and finance to understand subscriber data consumption behavior for optimal decision-making
  • Lack of both a summarized view of key metrics for the broadband business and virtually no ability to drill into granular subscriber-level data
  • Multiple disparate systems required to pull data from and reliance on IT or network.

Solution Features

  • Dashboard view of key metrics required to understand subscriber usage behavior
  • Ability to filter based on market, product or usage levels
  • Provides both historical and recent data with consistent and timely monthly updates

Solution Benefits

  • Product marketing can better understand product mix selected by subscribers and have the data required to create new plans targeting new market segments
  • Allows operator to quickly identify power users to ensure they are subscribed to the appropriate product
  • View trends in overall network usage, at the node level and at the individual subscriber level, this providing the data required for proper forecasting